From Ladyboy to Lady: The Process of Gender Reassignment


Contrary to what most people think, the process of going from dude to dudette has been around ever since the early 1900’s.

The earliest recorded attempt to turn a man into a woman was with a German known as Einar Wegener. The whole procedure consisted of five operations. Two of these operations were for removing a transplanted uterus due to the rejection of the organ by the body. Unfortunately, due to complications, Einar, who became Lili Wegener, died because of the process.

As of today, there have been countless other people who have undergone the process ever since the first successful breast removal and vaginoplasty. Statistics have shown that most of these procedures have taken place in Thailand. Iran comes next.

But how is it done?

The details of this procedure first start with the removal of the epitomy of the male image: the testicles. These are surgically removed by the doctor. The next thing taken care of is the skin surrounding the penis. This is peeled off but not removed as it is used to form part of the new genitalia of the patient.

Then the penile muscles are then taken care of. They are either tucked inwards or removed completely, depending on the operating surgeon. Once this is done, the area where the testicles used to lay are stitched up and the remainder of the penis skin is used to form the semblance of the female sex organ.

Given enough time for the stitches to heal, the result is only considered a replica of the desired organ. A man who underwent gender reassignment procedures, although possesses the female sex organ, still cannot give birth nor get pregnant due to the lack of ovaries and a uterus to support this function. Despite being an incomplete transformation, a large population of the so-called “lady boys” of Thailand still cling to this procedure as a way to validate their way of life to some extent.

In terms of sexual performance, no instances of inability to get aroused were reported by those who underwent reassignment. Some even claim to be more comfortable with themselves, which allows them full realization of sexual pleasure through orgasm.

With the continuous advancement in the field of medicine, it is not a remote possibility that this procedure will go beyond mere replication of the female genitalia. Who knows, actual full transformations from male to female will be possible in the future. This includes reproductive capacities as well.

Out of Budget: The Most Expensive Plastic Surgery Procedures

The magic of surgeons and their scalpels sure has its charm. For the right amount, surgeons can banish insecurities and can fully restore the self-esteem of an individual. If one has the budget, they can go from a closeted introvert to an attention-grabbing hottie in a matter of hours.


But plastic surgery magic isn’t free. Surgeon fees, procedures and maintenance drugs all come at a steep price. The cost of restored confidence and peace of mind is a very high nowadays because almost anything external can be adjusted. Here are some of the more costly magic tricks up the sleeve of a plastic surgeon.

Liposuction – This process can put a $16,000 dent on one’s finances. Surprisingly, it isn’t that complex at all. From the “suction” part of the name, doctors simply siphon out unwanted fat from selected area using lasers like (smartlipo or waterlipo). In this case the girl in the pictures got a free consultation and got attended by doctor Joffrey in the Austin liposuction specialty clinic The more areas to siphon from, the more money is needed. The high price may be due to the results and the ease of the procedure on the patient.

making my beauty budget (source:

Rhinoplasty – For the ignoramus, a Rhinoplasty is more popularly known as a nose-job. Unfortunately, making adjustments unto this group of nasal passages and hard tissue can easily burn more than $14,000. Some pay the price for a more distinguished nose that betrays foreign persuasions. Others cough up that kind of money to deal with breathing problems. Whether it be for easier breathing or a sexier face, the price doesn’t change.


Face Lifts – This age-defying procedure can make at most $20,000 vanish without a trace. Tightening the facial skin which starts to sag at age sure is expensive. People don’t really like the idea of showing how old they are and clinics all around the world know it. Depending on how many areas of the face one wants to have adjusted, the price could even go past the $25,000 mark.

These procedures., and others more have given birth to a culture wherein even someone who knows how to take care of their bodies gets curious stares. Not because they’re attractive, but because they might be rich. We now live in a world wherein beauty is an attainable concept through money. Anyone with the right amounts of it can most certainly get the face and body they have always been dreaming of.


For the hopeful who needs some work done, it’s best to start a very serious saving scheme or find another source of income to be able to take advantage of such procedures.

The Connection Between Cosmetic Surgery and Mental Health

The reflection of ones self image plays a considerable role in the development of the personality in every individual. Young woman and men who employ a negative feelings over their self-image, over time develop defense mechanisms as a way to deal with the presence of low self-esteem. Further down the road of life, obsessions with the altering of their appearance become stronger and stronger. For some the need for cosmetic surgery almost becomes too unbearable to ignore, and these obsessions turn into the action to normalize themselves and undo the perception of their “irregular” appearance.

The leading mental health concern is that of Body Dysmorphic Syndrome. One is an issue with this particularly theory is that the findings are still somewhat inconclusive enough for a surgeon to turn down their services to a suspected sufferer. The issue is characterized by severe levels of anxiety and malcontent with ones body image, aside from the many cosmetic surgeries that may have been done to change it.

There have been cases where the patients differ from each visit, which also makes it tough to diagnose without constant observation. The thing is, there are other patients who go under the knife repeatedly for the same exact surgery.

The Positives Of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery can actually have positive effects on certain individuals. The benefits that arise are from the result of recovering from severe anxiety and stress caused by physical damage. Recovering from physical trauma can at most times be a huge step in helping the individual get back to a normal existence and routine after going through intense physical devastation.

Whether surgery comes before or after counseling, greatly depends on the severity of the physical trauma, although it is widely accepted that surgical reconstruction is key to the emotional healing process. For certain, patients of physical impairment getting the procedure to mask the abnormalities that are weighing on them is crucial to overcoming the mental pain.

There very well might be positive effects that come with cosmetic surgery, and the interaction of the two is still open to more debate and further studies. Having an in-house psychologist in some cosmetic surgeon offices is a pretty good indicator that these findings are real and being dealt with, eventually it maybe the whole country that gets involved. It is also said that the

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Changes On the Horizon

topic of plastic surgery is maturing instead of simply catering to the self-absorbed and the vanity obsessed.

An idea is, when or if mental health problems are officially linked to cosmetic surgery, the right changes will be made and lives will be either saved or made to be happier, more productive citizens. Beauty is only skin deep, Depression and mental illness run a lot deeper.

Choosing the Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery

There are so many things that you may need to consider while you are choosing a surgeon for performing cosmetic surgery. This is the procedure that is going to be carried out on any such part of your body that is going to be visible to others and you want that part to get maximum possible perfection. You can accomplish this only when you are choosing a surgeon who is really good at performing the procedure in maximum possible perfection. Here are some of the things that should be considered by the individuals in choosing a good surgeon. 

The first thing that you need to do is to check whether the surgeon whom you want to consider is the one who is registered with General Medical council. Most of them give this GMC number in the business cards or n the websites. You can even go to the GMC website and check for the name of the surgeon to find out whether he is registered or not. You also have the possibility of calling to GMC and inquire them about the credibility of the surgeon. This is the possibility that is meant for making sure that the surgeon is a good and reputed one. 

You also need to check whether the surgeon whom you are considering is the one who is qualified enough for handling the procedure. Even when the surgeon is recommended by any of your acquaintances, it is not good for you to go on with the surgeon. Cosmetic surgery is not a simple procedure and any flaws in that can make your look get worst and also can put you in trouble. You should choose the surgeons who are specialized in plastic surgery so that you can get the most effective and better kind of service. There are so many specializations in plastic surgery itself which include FRCS, FRCS(ORL), FRCS (Otol) and so on. You need to consider the one that is most suitable for you. 

It is also necessary for you to find out whether the cosmetic surgeon whom you are planning to consider forms member in any authorized association of the plastic surgeons. This kind of membership is another factor that talks about the reputation of the surgeon. It is also necessary for you to check whether the surgeon has got adequate amount of experience. You should choose a surgeon who can provide with excellent surgery and treatments.

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Accumulation of Fat After Liposuction

Liposuction is the solution perfect for all those individuals who are struggling with the excess weight o various parts of the body. Most of the women faced the issue of extras on abdomen, thighs, butts etc. Liposuction is the surgical procedure that can bring really marvellous results. It is not a good idea to consider liposuction as the permanent solution for obesity.

The Misunderstanding

There are many individuals who feel that liposuction can make them get rid of obesity forever. The truth is that liposuction can help you in maintaining your weight only when you are making changes in your lifestyle. You should have control on the diet as well should be able to put yourself into good amount of activities and also workouts regularly so that your body metabolism can be increased well. If such changes are not done, you are going to gain weight as it is natural and the only difference is that weight gain happens in other areas where liposuction is not done.

Any Particular Influence of Liposuction

There is no meaning to get scared to do liposuction as it can result in weight gain. Liposuction is a procedure through which fat cells are removed from your body making it slim. This process cannot make you gain weight even after a certain period. Weight gain and this procedure do not have any relationship. If you are gaining weight after the procedure, you should check on the diet that you follow and the activities that you do. You should be active and should follow a controlled diet without excess fat. Nothing can change nature, if you are eating excess fat then it gets accumulated in your body. Liposuction can only help in the elimination of fat accumulation in those areas where this surgery is done and the other parts an become reserves of fat making you again obese.

Fat Gaining Pattern After Liposuction

In the case of women they usually go for liposuction for the areas like abdomen, thighs, butts etc. When fat cells are removed from these areas and you keep on eating excess food, there are chances for the excess weight to be accumulated on those areas that have not went under knives. There are chances for this to really make your weight gaining pattern to be changes. In the case of women their arms and shoulder region may be the ones that have not undergone liposuction that can make them put on in these regions. This can really make their appearance absurd. This weight gain has not happened because you have gone through liposuction but you have not made changes in your life that can help in reduction of weight and losing of excess weight.

How to Get Rid of It?

You can easily get rid of the weight gain if you are really implementing good changes in your life style. You can gain weight if you do not have control on the food and not getting involved in any workouts.

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Liposuction Safety Questioned

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Offered at every modern Milwaukee liposuction clinic, this cosmetic surgery involves the removal of excess fat from specific areas of your body. Liposuction can be performed on the upper arms, cheeks, neck, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. It can also be done on the chest, ankles, calves and chin. Apparently, this procedure can tackle pretty much every problem body area which is unresponsive to healthy diet and also exercise efforts.

The principle of liposuction should be to remove fat through really small incisions using cannulas. The cannulas enable the suctioning out of your excess fat cells. Any kind involving liposuction, conventional or perhaps laser-assisted, works best on localized fat that cannot be removed through diet and exercise. The objective of the treatment should be to achieve aesthetic physique sculpting, rather than achieve dramatic weight loss through the removal of 100 per cent in the fat. The best results are obtained on areas of the body areas which have got good muscle strengthen and skin flexibility.

Patient safety is key point in liposuction remedy. The safety guidelines in the American Society of Cosmetic or plastic surgeons state that solely 5 liters (11 pounds) of fat needs to be removed during a single liposuction procedure. Large-volume liposuction, involving greater than five liters of fat is a complex multi-stage procedure and it is performed at a hospital or the surgeon’s facility.

One of the maximum advantages of the most recent modalities in laser liposuction is they are designed to liquefy and extract the suitable amount of fat from virtually all the targeted areas of the body precisely and safely and securely.

Some people, both men and women, have got persistent excess fat which can’t eliminate even with healthful eating, work out, plus a proper life style. This is the place where a laser-assisted liposuction surgical procedure is available in.

Eliminate Excess fat and possess straight into Appearance

The actual laser liposuction strategy guarantees useful weight reduction and also human body dental contouring results. This kind of surgical variety sustains your time and efforts to get into form.

Some of the target areas are:

  • Cheeks
  • Forearms
  • Chest
  • Bra series
  • Jowls
  • Chin
  • Stomach
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Knees

What the Treatment Involves

Like any surgery, planning for liposuction can bring increased anxiety, especially if you’re not sure what to expect. By understanding the preparation and recovery steps, you can benefit, emotionally as well as physically.

Before Your Surgery

Upon consulting with your plastic surgeon, you may be advised to quit smoking and discontinue certain medications that would increase the risk of bleeding; such medications may include aspirin as well as some anti-inflammatory medicines, vitamins, and homeopathic treatments. You may also be given additional preoperative instructions, and you should ask your surgeon or his staff any questions you may have.

Because the surgery is typically an outpatient one, you’ll want to have someone available to drive you home after the surgery and to stay with you for at least 24 hours, post-op. Some patients undergoing large-scale liposuction do stay in the hospital for one or two nights.

On the Day of the Surgery

Whether your surgery is being performed in a hospital, a free-standing medical facility, or an office-based surgical suite, the procedure will be fairly standard. Local anesthesia as well as intravenous sedation are often used for your comfort. If you desire general anesthesia, you’ll want to discuss this with your surgeon. For your safety, monitors will check your pulse, heart, blood pressure, and circulation throughout your operation.

After surgery, you will probably be taken to a separate recovery room, where your vital signs will continue to be monitored. When you awake, you will probably find yourself wearing a skin-shrinking compression garment. Once the anesthesia wears off, you will likely experience some pain, similar to after-work-out soreness.

Unless you have arranged for an overnight stay in the healthcare facility or there are complications relating to sedation, you will likely be released to go home just a few hours after your surgery has been completed,

After Your Surgery

As with any surgery, recovering from liposuction will be as individual as the results. At the minimum, you should plan to rest for the first few days after your surgery. During those first 48 hours, you should expect some swelling and bruising. Within a week of your surgery, stitches are usually removed, and bruising typically disappears.

You should continue to avoid the medications that your surgeon mentioned to you, for the amount of time he recommended. If you are able to lift the affected body part, your surgeon will likely recommend that you do so. However, bending over and lifting should be avoided during the first week to week-and-a-half after your surgery. Wearing tight clothing over the affected area could cause problems.

Before resuming strenuous activity, you should consult your surgeon and his team; however, most patients are able to resume their normal routines within 10 days of surgery.

By understanding and conforming to preparation and recovery expectations, your liposuction surgery has the best chance of success.

Even so, this is not really usually too unpleasant. Normal activities might be resumed a short time after the course of action.

Candidates for Laser Liposuction

This laser-assisted procedure for fat removal possesses proved effective about different body sorts. Individuals who follow a normal exercise regimen, will not be obese, and have localized fat can expect achievement. Men usually understand the best results for that chin, chest, love handles and the upper and reduced abs.

Locate a skilled Plastic Surgeon

Many plastic surgery centers in the states are now providing Waterlipo as an alternative. The availability of plastic surgeons that can perform the method is growing. It can be however important to pick out a board-certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Online directories and the yellow pages are a good option to start your hunt for qualified plastic specialists. Besides qualifications in addition to experience, you should be guided by factors for example the techniques, amenities provided by their centers, character of treatment, and so forth.

An experienced surgeon would give you all the necessary information throughout the initial consultation, including whether this laser liposuction would really meet your needs or not.

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Double mastectomy for breast cancer does not boost survival chances

Mastectomy is a surgery which involves removing all the breast tissues from a breast as a way of preventing or treating breast cancer. It is an excellent treatment option for women who are in the early stage of breast cancer. Double mastectomy is also being widely used as a way of treating cancer but double mastectomy for breast cancer does not boost survival chances. This treatment for breast cancer has become increasingly popular but it has not been showing effectiveness in reducing cancer risk or increasing the chances of survival. There are women who have opted for this procedure for beating the disease but they were unable to increase the chances of their survival. Having both the breast removed didn’t extend the lives of women any more than having cancer lumps removed followed by the radiotherapy. According to studies it has been found out that ten years from having both their breasts removed, more than 18% of the women died.

There are a large number of women with breast cancer who are opting for bilateral mastectomies when these women are being diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer but there is little evidence about the fact that removing both the breasts can improve their chances of survival as compared to the more conservative treatments. Even with the biggest studies it has not been proved that whether bilateral mastectomy has more survival benefits than the other breast conserving surgery along with radiation.

There are many women who prefer to remove both their breasts for treating cancer that affects just one side of their breast but double mastectomy for breast cancer does not boost survival chances. In comparison with the surgery that removes only the tumor in the breasts, Double Mastectomy is not very beneficial as it does not boost the survival rate. The results of this procedure are raising concerns about the riskier and potentially unnecessary operations that an increasing number of women are selecting for treating breast cancer. Furthermore double mastectomy is a major procedure that needs significant recovery time and it also entails breast reconstruction. It is also invasive as compared to the other surgery for breast cancer. But there are more and more women who prefer mastectomy as they think that it can minimize risk of breast cancer. There are many young women who also prefer double mastectomy even they have cancer in only one breast. These women want to minimize their risk but women who do not have family history or genetic disposition are being over treated. Double mastectomy is not routinely offered to women having breast cancer unless they have high risk of its recurrence or family history since there are many doctors who think that this surgery is not very beneficial for women with breast cancer.

Having double mastectomy is a very tough decision and therefore it is very important for every woman to get information relating to the benefits and risks of the surgery if they are having breast cancer in only one breast. This surgery is also a subject of discussion in the past few years as there are many celebrities like Sharon Osbourne, Angelina Jolie and singer Michelle Heaton who have undergone the procedure as preventive measure against breast cancer. There are many experts who have warned women having breast cancer against losing both their breast without any reason. There are a high proportion of women who opted for double mastectomy who died after few years after undergoing the procedure. This treatment is only advisable for women who have a gene variant or history of disease that makes her more likely to get the disease. There may a big risk involve in the double mastectomy procedure and hence every woman should consider all the option before opting for it. There are a large women who are not satisfied after the operation even after losing both their breasts. They may also experience difficulties with their sexual function, body image and quality of life. They may also face difficulties and complications like infections after going through double mastectomy. The women who opt for this procedure opts for are offered surveillance along with regular mammograms after this surgery. Thus it is considered as an option for women who inherited faulty genes.

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How to Decide between a Breast Lift or Implant

Are you considering having the size of your breast or size modified so that you can have a better look? If yes, this is a good decision because there are many professionals out there who can help you attain the size and shape of the breasts you desire to have. With the development of medical technologies many women have succeeded to have the breasts altered according to their specific needs. However, in order to get better results, you need to consider if you want a breast lift or implant. To know whether you need a breast implant or a lift, you need to look at what you are dissatisfied with, and then figure out the kind of breast you desire to have. This article offers you some of the things to look to decide which one is the best option for you.

breast implants

Changing the size

Breast implantation makes your breast larger. The extent of the largeness depends on your personal preferences, your body type and what you feel will be comfortable with. Thus, if you are not satisfied with the size of your breast, implants will be the best option for you. You may also not like your breast asymmetry as they look imbalanced and want them to have a symmetric look. This may be caused by weight loss which can change the shape and size of your breasts making them disproportional or smaller in size. In such cases, breast implant will be the perfect solution to attain your desired breasts.

a breast lift surgery patient
me after my implants

It is good to note that implants make your breasts look fuller and add size to them. This creates both cleavage and shape. However, the implants do not provide any extra support to the breasts. This means that if you having sagging breasts, they will continue to sag even after the implant. To get the best results choose the implants that are most perfect for you. You can seek assistance from a surgeon to help you get the most perfect implant for your breasts.

Sagging breasts

Having sagging breasts is one things that disappoints many women and makes them feel embarrassed. There are many factors that contribute to the sagging of breasts such as weight loss, gravity or nursing babies. If your problem is breast sagging, then a breast lift is the best option to deal with the problem. This is a process that will involve moving of your whole breast or the nipple or even both of them to a more youthful higher position. The good thing is that there are a wide range of breast lifts that can help deal with the many levels of sagging.

Sagging and small sized breasts

If you have the problem of sagging breasts and at the same time concerned with the symmetry and the size of the breasts, you can opt to have both breast lift and implant. You can have the two carried out at the same time or in two stages. If performed in one stage, you have the implantation done during the same surgery, where the lift is performed. You can also opt to have the lift on one day then the implant done after the healing process.


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South Koreans and Plastic Surgery

When people make that decision to go under the knife for plastic surgery, they hope and believe that they will come out of the operating room looking a little bit different and a lot better than they were before. However, they do not anticipate that they will attain a different image altogether that makes it hard for people to recognize them. One of the most fascinating news that has hit the world is South Koreans and Plastic Surgery.

Today, South Korea has risen to be one of the technological echelons when plastic surgery is a case in point. In fact, the mastery with which South Korea’s plastic surgeons conduct the operation is mind blowing. They are so talented that they leave their patients with no problems whatsoever.

Many people who have obtained air tickets and flown directly to South Korea to have their operations done are in most cases, transformed. Therefore, they make it hard for the officials in the passport control to recognize them when they are getting back to their countries, Kotaku reports.

According to South Korean sites Munhwa and Onboa, some hospitals have gone the whole extent of issuing out plastic surgery certificates to their patients to assist them in getting back to their homes. The sites report that these certificates include the name of the hospital that the patient received the operation, the patient’s passport number, as well as the duration of staying in South Korea.

The common theory is that these certificates help in making it easy for these patients to go through the passport control. Although some hospitals were aware of this problem for many years, they had not taken steps to rectify it. However, this issue has increased tremendously for the past few years.

In 2009, about 23 Chinese women were believed to have had some problems with the passport control on their way back to China from South Korea after going under the knife. The officials at the passport control stopped them after noting that they had slimmer chins, higher noses, and bigger eyes than the passport portraits showed, China daily reported.

After careful checks, the officials allowed the women back to China, but not after advising them to have their passports renewed immediately.

“Following our request to have them take off their big sunglasses and huge hats, we noticed that they looked different, with stitches and bandages here and there,” Tao Chen, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport officer, told China Daily.

South Korea is increasingly becoming the save haven for plastic surgery. The boom is largely associated with the rise in the country’s music industry; with many patients asking their surgeons to if, they would look like American superstars.


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Selfies And Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeons are stating that numerous individuals are presently experiencing liposuction and facelifts to look better in selfies. With a blast in the utilization and spreads of photos and features on social networking and somewhere else individuals have gotten more aware of their looks. Moreover, individuals now need to post selfies of themselves looking more youthful. Plastic Surgery is on the rise.

As indicated by the surgeons numerous individuals understand that they look more seasoned in the wake of taking a gander at their photographs in selfies and methodology the cosmetic specialist for help. They need to look like themselves however more youthful.
The selfie unrest is upon us and all around you find somebody is holding their cell phone and snapping a picture of their face, which will then expeditiously be presented on a social networking outlet—or three. This social sensation is having an astounding effect on customer conduct, as indicated by some plastic surgeons, who are attributing an uptick all hands on deck to online networking’s selfie fixation.

Systems to revise selfie flaws shift. Other than the ever-prevalent nose occupation, jaw inserts, facelifts and eyelid lifts are well known surgical results. At that point there are non-surgical fillers, for example, Botox and Juvederm, which could be infused into the skin to mellow profound folds like wrinkles and snicker lines. Contingent on the kind of infusion, a patient must rehash the strategy at regular intervals to a year to keep the same results, however shorter recuperation periods, less expensive costs and the absence of requirement for general anesthesia has helped the business develop to 9.5 million systems performed a year ago.

“We live in a young and excellence fixated society,” said Vivian Diller, an analyst who counsels for skincare organizations including Estee Lauder Cos. Inc. (Nyse:el), the Proctor & Gamble Co. (Nyse:pg) and Clairol. The solid interest has brought about the normal buyer having more alternatives for techniques that can change almost all aspects of one’s body. Notwithstanding bosom increase or decrease, there is laser liposuction, Brazilian butt lifts and smile lifts in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The individuals who exploit this are no more in the space of the rich, renowned and on-screen performers. Presently, we have standardized the accessibility of these strategies,” Diller said.
Notwithstanding whether a patient picks to go under the blade or be forced to bear a syringe, the yearning is to look “like me, simply better,” said Karen Grant, an excellence industry expert and VP of statistical surveying organization NPD Group. Most don’t need the results to shout that they had work done

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