Male Pattern Baldness Surgery Correction

Male pattern baldness refers to a condition caused by male hormones commonly referred to as androgens and partly due to hereditary factors. It becomes more pronounced and noticeable as one ages but usually starts out between the ages of twenty and thirty. It may spread until one is almost completely bald or it can just restrict itself to the hairline or a spot that we normally call the bald spot. It can cause a lot of ridicule as well as being hated or shunned among peers or even dating and this can affect someone’s performance in life tremendously.

A lot of well known productive people at workplaces have been known to lose focus and even some even to the point of going into depression because of what they have to face as a result of this condition. It is something that requires a lot of strength to handle and so many people lack this. That is why if you pulled back some hair from some people in the office, you would find out that it is not actual hair but wigs worn to cover that bald spot. It is to such lengths that people go to make sure that it stays hidden from the public eye.

How can one treat this?

There have been ways that have been advertised that offer some form of blind relief that one might get cured from this but the truth is that there is only one way to cure this and that is through surgery. Surgery is the only method that is guaranteed to bring relief that will last a lifetime to the patient’s life. This is important and therefore one need to know that spending a lot of money on those supplements that are telling you that you can grow your hair back in three weeks is total lies. A surgery will get back that hair that you so desperately want on your head. The bald spot or the total hair loss will be treated and you will be restored to the you before the condition attacked.


What methods are employed during surgery?

The bald areas or those spots that are thinning are treated mainly by transplanting new hairs on these spots. These hairs that are transplanted here are genetically resistant to baldness so there is no way that one can ever lose this and go back to baldness, therefore it is an sure and effective way of combating this condition. The back of the head is where these hairs are taken from and then they are transplanted to the area that is bald.


Another method that can be used is known as the Frechet extender that basically leads to the removal of the scalp that has lost hair and replacing it with one that does grow the hair. This method is one of the best and it actually does make one look more attractive as the hair is allowed to grow naturally as a resulted of the new scalp. Both methods can be used simultaneously on a single patient to bring out better results.

How long do the results take to show?

The truth of the matter is, with the Frechet flap or extender, the results are immediate and the patient can see them. Though, with the implants, the hair begins to grow three months after the surgery which is not really a long time to wait for something that is so amazing. Also, one needs to know that when this is done by a highly qualified and trained physician, the results are just outstanding and what one is left with is just a touch of brilliance on his head. The hairline will appear as natural as the rest of the hair that was growing on your head so that it never looks out of place.

Scars are highly minimized and made invisible to the naked eye and in some techniques like the “invisible scar” nothing will ever be seen on ones head. Any traces of a surgery are completely eliminated. There are normally just two to three sessions that are required to complete the whole surgery. Therefore, patients can expect nothing short of hair that is natural on their heads and one that will last a lifetime so that they never have to worry about being bald again.

Know About Liposuction

Are you sick and tired by doing exercise and following diet in order to lose weight and have not get any result yet? If you are trying to shed some extra pounds then you should consider liposuction. Liposuction is a surgery that helps to lose fats. It is a great way to shed some extra pounds. It is a cosmetic procedure which helps to remove extra fat from the body. If you are having issues with your body image or if you are having low self confidence due to extra fats on your body, you should consider doing liposuction. Liposuction is known to be a great tool which is been done by the plastic surgeon.

Liposuction offer much better form and contour for the body. There are some people who are unable to shed weight on certain parts of their body. There are certain parts of the body that have the tendency to develop deposits that is been connected with weight that is hard to get rid of exercise and diet. Liposuction provider permanent solution as it removes the fatty skin cells from the body.

Liposuction can be performed on any people above 18 years and the best patients are those whose skin has not lost its elasticity. The surgery of liposuction is not a substitute for the overall fat loss; neither it is a treatment for the lumpy skin. Lumpy skin is a disorder which gives epidermis a dimpled and uneven appearance. The procedure of liposuction reduces localized fat from the body. It is very important for you to know this that liposuction does not replace dieting and exercise. The truth is that it is been performed typically on people within 15 pounds of their ideal weight. The fat cells that are gone by the procedure do not return back. Patients undergoing this procedure should be in a very good health. There are specific medical conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, lung diseases that may prohibit the patients from undergoing this procedure.

The most popular areas where liposuction should be addressed are innner thighs, outer thighs, stomach, knees, lower chin, bat wings, hips, love handles and breasts in men. Swelling, discomfort and bruising may happen after the procedure. The duration and degree is been determined typically by the quantity of fat that is been extracted. Local or common anesthesia is been used for this procedure.

If you are considering liposuction then you first need to find a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeon is very important for this procedure so you should choose that surgeon whom you can trust. While choosing a plastic surgeon, you should make sure to ask them to show you the before and after pictures of their previous patients. The surgeon that you choose should be board certified and he or she should be willing to meet you for the initial consultation. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will let you know whether you are a good candidate or not. In order to do this procedure, you should be in a very good health and you should not smoke at least two weeks before the procedure.

Benefits of Seeking Treatment from Experienced Plastic Surgeon

The Fact About Plastic Surgery:

The plastic surgery industry has experienced an unprecedented boom. The number of patients who opt to go under the knife of a professional plastic surgeon for aesthetic reasons has risen dramatically. Like all other surgeons around the world, plastic surgeon too rely on their professional training, specialized skills, and vast and varied experience to perform surgeries in order to enhance the looks of the patient. Some of the people who approach plastic surgeons to work on their body or face to enhance the overall appearance. Most of those approaching plastic surgeons to get a makeover are those in the show business where it is highly essential for them to look stylish hand beautiful at all times. They just cannot relax or let go and let age take its toll on their faces or their bodies.

The Best Reasons For Getting Plastic Surgery:

Plastic surgeries are usually needed because of malformations, accidents, injuries, or for aesthetic reasons. A number of people who are born with deformities that can hinder their organs from functioning fully need the help of plastic surgeons to reconstruct their organs back so they can enjoy function with them. An example of this is a person born with a cleft lip who is not able to use his or her lip for its functions. This can be a big hindrance and misery. This can usually be corrected by plastic surgery. Some are also born with organs missing which will require replacement to fully function.

Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon:

Most of the plastic surgeons are well qualified and expert in their field but it always better to check their credentials and their success rate before deciding on which one to lay your trust on. For getting adequate and authentic information, you should log on to any trusted medical site where details of plastic surgeon in your area will be listed along with their qualifications, the university from they have graduated and their professional history. Going through all this in detail will help you to decide who is good amongst them and once you have made your decision you can contact the surgeon in person to discuss all the other details.

Preparing for the Big Journey of Plastic Surgery:

You must discuss in detail with the plastic surgeon you have decided to go to and let him know completely about your present health condition, as this will enable the surgeon to take adequate precautions before he can start the procedure. For instance if you happen to be a diabetic there are so many factors to be considered before they can begin the surgery and in some instances it may not be possible to perform surgery on you at all in the present condition. And if the surgery has been fixed you must make sure that all necessary arrangements have been made so that you are not disturbed often during the postoperative period. You need to be relaxed for having an uneventful surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift – the new trend

Everyone loves a well toned and firm butt but sometimes not all of us are able to get it – at least not naturally. Spending hours in the gym or taking supplements won’t just cut it and as such, getting a butt lift should really come as a huge reprieve. The main reason why the Brazilian Butt Lift has become popular is based on two reasons. To start with, it works and secondly it is far much safer compared to other cosmetic surgeries on the butt area. If you are planning to get a Brazilian but lift or perhaps you have already done it, there are a few tips that can help you recover faster.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Before we move to the recovery tips it makes sense to first of all have a rough idea of what exactly this is about. The Brazilian butt lift is basically a procedure that is designed to achieve a fuller, toned and relatively lifted butt. The procedure may involve two things. At first, the doctor may surgically put in place butt implants and wait for full recovery. Secondly, the procedure can also involve removing fat from other parts of your body, purify it and then inject it back on your butt area. This procedure is referred to as liposuction and is actually preferred the most by doctors and also patients. All these are very effective options but even then, you will need to be very careful during your recovery just to make sure everything works out fine.

Recovering From Brazilian Butt Lift

Recovering from liposuction will normally take between 7 and 14 days. However, it is important to always follow the directions given by your doctor to make sure the recovery is as smooth and effective as possible. Here are some basic tips that can actually help you in this:

Avoid sitting down – well this is quite obvious but it is still important to emphasize it. During the two weeks of your recovery do not sit down. This will exert a lot of pressure on the butt area which will affect the lift negatively.

Avoid any strenuous activities or exercises – as soon as you are out of the clinic it is advisable to relax and rest. You can put off some of your daily routines and give yourself time to recover fully from liposuction. If you are an exercise person, you may want to change your exercise plans for the two weeks of recovery. In addition to this, once the two weeks are over, don’t jump right in. Start with small and light exercises and progress gradually to full capacity.

Consider simple massage – getting some massage around the surgery area is also very good in speeding up recovery. This is often done after two weeks and will help improve blood circulation around the butt area.

A lot of people have benefited from Brazilian butt lifts and in case you want a leaner, toned and sexy butt, then this procedure will definitely work for you. Just make sure you contact a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon to perform the procedure on you.

Man takes Plastic Surgery to Look Like Kim Jong Un

I might consider undergoing plastic surgery to look like Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington, but only if I have to do it. They’ve been ranked among the most handsome men in the world before, and that would be the main reason I would want to look like any of them. The question is, would you take a knife to look like Kim Jong? Well, someone did. Was it some show of loyalty? Did he get inspired by what Kim Jong does or did? Is he crazy? The only person with accurate answers to these questions is Wang Lei.


News have it that Wang Lei did a surgery to look like the Korean dictator Kim Jong and the truth is, he made it. The looks, the smile, the walks, the grey suit and everything shows how Wang Lei with the help of his plastic surgery doctors were determined to create Kim Jong’s look alike. It is however not clear why he decided to do this.

After amazing yet disturbing news leaked out, Wang Lei seems to appear everywhere. Reporters can’t help taking lots of pictures and asking questions. The crowd seem to double each time he makes an appearance in public and the worst part is that he seems not to care what Kim Jong thinks about it.

Among the scenarios that captured much attention is where he was seen in Nanjing which is the capital of China’s Jiangsu province. This man seemed to have befriended an actress Liu Zixuan for some reasons well guessed as both having interest in surgery.


Wang Lei and Liu Zixuan are claimed to have met in a clinic where he took the surgery and as a result they developed some friendship due to the love of plastic surgery. According to, Liu Zixuan had gone for breast enlargement check-up when she met Wang Lei. Due to this, the two seem to can’t let go of each other.


It is entirely unclear why Wang Lei decided to go for plastic surgery to look like Kim Jong, but for Liu Zixuan, she couldn’t just let go of her fan’s comment. There are claims that the main reason, Liu Zixuan decided to go for breast enlargement came into being as a result of the feedback from her fan. Her fan said that broad chest is what attracts him to his partner. So Liu Zixuan had to go for it, and we might guess that the large chest was the main reason he captured Wang Lei’s attention. On the other hand, Liu Zixuan might have admired Wang lei’s endeavour to mimic among the cruelest dictators of the century.


Why would anyone wish to look like Kim Jong? There are lots of good things about the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army as well as bad things but are his looks worth mimicking? He isn’t a model, an action figure or such a big celebrity to have that much influence on an average person. Why would Wang Lei choose to take this non-profiting yet risky step without considering the consequences?

First of all, plastic surgery is expensive. The other thing is that impersonating someone like Kim Jong is a great risk. Plastic surgery is among the choices that once done there is no turning back. The fact that surgery means a big decision makes it hard to understand why this man decided to take this risk.

Wang Lei had a hair transplant :
Pictures courtesy of Lift Body Center San Diego

What we know is that Wang Lei was Kim Jong’s fan. What we don’t know is why he did it. Did he hate how he looked? Of course yes. The question is, why did he chose Kim Jong? Is it some form of mockery? The answers remain unclear, but what we know is that Wang Lei love the idea that he looked like Kim Jong. He is inviting photographers, making appearances in public and more. Did he get what he wants? Still unclear. The truth is, he attracted an actress Liu Zixuan, and he is undoubtedly becoming famous for taking that step.

According to what we see: the pictures, the poses and more, this man was looking for an attention and he succeeded in getting it. Celebrities undergoing plastic surgery creates lots of rumours and gossips in televisions, newspapers and lastly internet. Wang Lei isn’t a celebrity, but impersonating Kim Jong made him one. We might guess that if he wasn’t looking for trouble, he just wanted to be famous.

In summary, Wang Lei made his name look bigger and according to experience, he might join the celebrity world sooner or later. On the other hand, we can’t precisely guess what went through Kim Jong’s mind the time he heard the news, but there are chances he liked it having noted that his impersonator was his fan.

Nashville plastic surgeon reveals keys to natural-looking breast augmentation results

Over 4.5 million women use it in order to increase and change the shape of breasts.

There are basically 3 options of breast augmentation:

  • Type of implants: you can choose silicone gel filled, saline filled, form stable and ultra-cohesive silicone gel filled implants.
  • Placement of implants: you have three methods to choose – below pectoral muscle, in front of the pectoral muscle and behind the breast tissue.
  • Location of incision: implants can be placed below the breasts crease (inframammary incision), along the border in the bottom half of the areola (periareolar incision) and in the armpit (transaxillary incision).

Other options are implant size, shape of implants, profile and texture of implants. It is very important to understand what your options are, before you go on that surgery. You should consult with your surgeon, tell him your marks and he will explain you every aspect of the surgery and answer on all your questions. Many women ask themselves whether they are the right candidate for a breast augmentation. In order to get a positive answer to this question, you need to meet several conditions and these are:

  • You are too burdened by the size of your breasts
  • That there is a mismatch between the scope of your hips and volume of your breasts
  • That there is an asymmetry in the size and scope of your breasts
  • That there are certain congenital deformities of the breasts

If you decide to increase your breasts, you should know exactly how you want them to look like. But, you may have some complications. Breast enlargement surgery has its risk as any other surgery. About the risks subject and possible complications, it is the best to consult your surgeon. Breast augmentation will make your breast look perfect. Many women who have increased their breasts look more attractive and have an inner confidence that is too strong. The results you got with augmentation are permanent. However, pregnancy and the natural process of aging will eventually alter the size and shape of your breasts that actually occurs to all women without augmentation. In such cases it is possible to do additional correction of an uplift.

Steps of a breast augmentation:

  1. Preoperative evaluation of the patient: on the first visit, plastic surgeon will take your history which would include information whether you are allergic to any medications, have you had or being treated of some illness, and more. This is important to obtain all information. He will examine your breasts and he will consider factors such as the size and shape of your breasts, the quality of your skin and the position of your nipple and areola. If your breasts are dropping, breast lift can be solved in combination with breast augmentation. After completion of augmentation, you can continue to control your breasts of any pathological changes, which may occur independently of the built-in breast implants. The presence of the breasts implants, however, has a technical significance of the surrounding tissue.
  2. Surgical technique: the incision can be made in inframammary grooves around the lower edge of the areola, under the armpit or rarely at the level of the navel. The implant is placed in a pocket directly behind the glandular breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle. Breast augmentation can be done under general or local anesthesia. When the operation is complete, you will go home after few hours.
  3. Postoperative treatment: a day or two after surgery, you should recover. First rewind is done for one or two days. Full recovery is complete within about seven days, until the sutures were removed around the 14 days after the operation. You can come back to normal activities after one week.

Aging skin and Ethnicity differences

Ethnicity is described well after taking into consideration your skin color. Melanin is the chemical compound in your skin that is responsible for the skin color. People will tend to be dark or lighter depending on the amount of melanin that they have in the skin. The more the melanin compound you have in your skin, the better you will age. People with fairer complexion will tend to show signs of aging earlier in life when compared to people with dark complexion who will take time before they can show any sign of aging. People of different ethnics will share different signs of aging; they include thinner hair follicles, greying of hair, slower hair growth, lines and wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, sagging or drooping skin and reduction in collagen production.


For you to reduce the effects of aging on your skin, you can contact a cosmetic surgeon who will perform corrective surgery on your face. Here are some of the major ethnic groups in the world and the most effective cosmetic treatments:

White/Anglo Australian/Caucasian


These ethnics are characterized by a fair complexion. They have a tendency of burning before tanning. In case you decide to tan your skin, you will end up achieving a golden tan that is attractive. Too much exposure to the sun, people in these ethnicity can end up having sun burns. In some cases the people can end up developing skin cancer due to too much exposure to the sun. Signs of premature aging in the ethnics are characterized by signs of aging that develop around the eyes. Sunspots and damage are among the major sign of aging in the people. Some of the cosmetic procedures that a surgeon can use to improve the appearance of the skin in these ethnicities include:

Ant wrinkle treatments: These will help in getting rid of aging signs such as marionette lines and crow’s feet.

Dermal fillers: These will add volume to the skin hence prevent sagging skin which is common in the people under these ethnicities.

Plasma treatments: These are treatments used to give the skin a youthful look.

Fractional laser resurfacing: This can treat severe sun damaged skin. It can also offer an effective treatment to dark sunspots.

Microdermabrasion treatments: These can be used to get rid of fade slight sun damage. It can also treat medium sunspots.



Asians have carotene which is responsible in the yellow color in their skins. When compared to Anglos, you will find the Asians tend to show signs of aging when it is late in their lives. They are also less likely to develop wrinkles. Cases of early grey hair in the Asians are very rare. Cases of skin cancer in the Asians are very rare. Drawbacks that the Asian experience in their skin include changes in pigmentation. They are also more prone to developing hypertrophy scarring. They can also develop keloid and unsightly scars. Some of the cosmetic surgery procedures that can be used to fight signs of aging in Asians include the following:

Microdermabrasion treatments: these can be used to treat pigmentation scarring and other types of scars that are common in Asians.

Laser therapy: This can be used to treat fade keloid scars.

Hispanic or Latino


The skin of this ethnic group has some shades of brown. This is due to the fair amount of melanin that their skin has. Some of the signs of aging that they show include uneven skin, acne scars, dark spots and acne breakouts. Some of the possible treatments that a cosmetic surgeon can offer include:

Microdermabrasion: This can be used to get rid of dark spots, skin discoloration, acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

Non-Ablative Fractional Resurfacing: This is used to treat sun damage.

Laser Hair Removal: This can be used to get rid of unwanted hair on the face.

Laser therapy: Can be used to eliminate keloids.

Middle Eastern


They have a lot of melanin in their skins. The skin is thicker hence less prone to signs of early aging. They have a problem of more hair growth and oil production. Possible treatments include:

Laser hair removal treatments: This can remove unwanted hair on the face and body.

Intense pulse light: To remove dark circles under the eye.

Microdermabrasion treatments: Can be used to reduce appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Laser treatments: Can be used to treat appearance of melasma.

Black or African American

Their skin has a lot of melanin. They tend to have hypersensitive skin. Some of the problems that they mostly face include skin discoloration, melisma, ashy skin and keloids. Possible treatments include:

Microdermabrasion: To treat hyperpigmentation, ashy skin and melasma.

Non-ablative laser treatments: These can fade appearance of keloid scars.

From Ladyboy to Lady: The Process of Gender Reassignment


Contrary to what most people think, the process of going from dude to dudette has been around ever since the early 1900’s.

The earliest recorded attempt to turn a man into a woman was with a German known as Einar Wegener. The whole procedure consisted of five operations. Two of these operations were for removing a transplanted uterus due to the rejection of the organ by the body. Unfortunately, due to complications, Einar, who became Lili Wegener, died because of the process.

As of today, there have been countless other people who have undergone the process ever since the first successful breast removal and vaginoplasty. Statistics have shown that most of these procedures have taken place in Thailand. Iran comes next.

But how is it done?

The details of this procedure first start with the removal of the epitomy of the male image: the testicles. These are surgically removed by the doctor. The next thing taken care of is the skin surrounding the penis. This is peeled off but not removed as it is used to form part of the new genitalia of the patient.

Then the penile muscles are then taken care of. They are either tucked inwards or removed completely, depending on the operating surgeon. Once this is done, the area where the testicles used to lay are stitched up and the remainder of the penis skin is used to form the semblance of the female sex organ.

Given enough time for the stitches to heal, the result is only considered a replica of the desired organ. A man who underwent gender reassignment procedures, although possesses the female sex organ, still cannot give birth nor get pregnant due to the lack of ovaries and a uterus to support this function. Despite being an incomplete transformation, a large population of the so-called “lady boys” of Thailand still cling to this procedure as a way to validate their way of life to some extent.

In terms of sexual performance, no instances of inability to get aroused were reported by those who underwent reassignment. Some even claim to be more comfortable with themselves, which allows them full realization of sexual pleasure through orgasm.

With the continuous advancement in the field of medicine, it is not a remote possibility that this procedure will go beyond mere replication of the female genitalia. Who knows, actual full transformations from male to female will be possible in the future. This includes reproductive capacities as well.

Out of Budget: The Most Expensive Plastic Surgery Procedures

The magic of surgeons and their scalpels sure has its charm. For the right amount, surgeons can banish insecurities and can fully restore the self-esteem of an individual. If one has the budget, they can go from a closeted introvert to an attention-grabbing hottie in a matter of hours.


But plastic surgery magic isn’t free. Surgeon fees, procedures and maintenance drugs all come at a steep price. The cost of restored confidence and peace of mind is a very high nowadays because almost anything external can be adjusted. Here are some of the more costly magic tricks up the sleeve of a plastic surgeon.

Liposuction – This process can put a $16,000 dent on one’s finances. Surprisingly, it isn’t that complex at all. From the “suction” part of the name, doctors simply siphon out unwanted fat from selected area using lasers like (smartlipo or waterlipo). In this case the girl in the pictures got a free consultation and got attended by doctor Joffrey in the Austin liposuction specialty clinic The more areas to siphon from, the more money is needed. The high price may be due to the results and the ease of the procedure on the patient.

making my beauty budget (source:

Rhinoplasty – For the ignoramus, a Rhinoplasty is more popularly known as a nose-job. Unfortunately, making adjustments unto this group of nasal passages and hard tissue can easily burn more than $14,000. Some pay the price for a more distinguished nose that betrays foreign persuasions. Others cough up that kind of money to deal with breathing problems. Whether it be for easier breathing or a sexier face, the price doesn’t change.


Face Lifts – This age-defying procedure can make at most $20,000 vanish without a trace. Tightening the facial skin which starts to sag at age sure is expensive. People don’t really like the idea of showing how old they are and clinics all around the world know it. Depending on how many areas of the face one wants to have adjusted, the price could even go past the $25,000 mark.

These procedures., and others more have given birth to a culture wherein even someone who knows how to take care of their bodies gets curious stares. Not because they’re attractive, but because they might be rich. We now live in a world wherein beauty is an attainable concept through money. Anyone with the right amounts of it can most certainly get the face and body they have always been dreaming of.


For the hopeful who needs some work done, it’s best to start a very serious saving scheme or find another source of income to be able to take advantage of such procedures.

The Connection Between Cosmetic Surgery and Mental Health

The reflection of ones self image plays a considerable role in the development of the personality in every individual. Young woman and men who employ a negative feelings over their self-image, over time develop defense mechanisms as a way to deal with the presence of low self-esteem. Further down the road of life, obsessions with the altering of their appearance become stronger and stronger. For some the need for cosmetic surgery almost becomes too unbearable to ignore, and these obsessions turn into the action to normalize themselves and undo the perception of their “irregular” appearance.

The leading mental health concern is that of Body Dysmorphic Syndrome. One is an issue with this particularly theory is that the findings are still somewhat inconclusive enough for a surgeon to turn down their services to a suspected sufferer. The issue is characterized by severe levels of anxiety and malcontent with ones body image, aside from the many cosmetic surgeries that may have been done to change it.

There have been cases where the patients differ from each visit, which also makes it tough to diagnose without constant observation. The thing is, there are other patients who go under the knife repeatedly for the same exact surgery.

The Positives Of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery can actually have positive effects on certain individuals. The benefits that arise are from the result of recovering from severe anxiety and stress caused by physical damage. Recovering from physical trauma can at most times be a huge step in helping the individual get back to a normal existence and routine after going through intense physical devastation.

Whether surgery comes before or after counseling, greatly depends on the severity of the physical trauma, although it is widely accepted that surgical reconstruction is key to the emotional healing process. For certain, patients of physical impairment getting the procedure to mask the abnormalities that are weighing on them is crucial to overcoming the mental pain.

There very well might be positive effects that come with cosmetic surgery, and the interaction of the two is still open to more debate and further studies. Having an in-house psychologist in some cosmetic surgeon offices is a pretty good indicator that these findings are real and being dealt with, eventually it maybe the whole country that gets involved. It is also said that the

(author: Dr. William Hall – )

Changes On the Horizon

topic of plastic surgery is maturing instead of simply catering to the self-absorbed and the vanity obsessed.

An idea is, when or if mental health problems are officially linked to cosmetic surgery, the right changes will be made and lives will be either saved or made to be happier, more productive citizens. Beauty is only skin deep, Depression and mental illness run a lot deeper.

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