Double mastectomy for breast cancer does not boost survival chances

Mastectomy is a surgery which involves removing all the breast tissues from a breast as a way of preventing or treating breast cancer. It is an excellent treatment option for women who are in the early stage of breast cancer. Double mastectomy is also being widely used as a way of treating cancer but double mastectomy for breast cancer does not boost survival chances. This treatment for breast cancer has become increasingly popular but it has not been showing effectiveness in reducing cancer risk or increasing the chances of survival. There are women who have opted for this procedure for beating the disease but they were unable to increase the chances of their survival. Having both the breast removed didn’t extend the lives of women any more than having cancer lumps removed followed by the radiotherapy. According to studies it has been found out that ten years from having both their breasts removed, more than 18% of the women died.

There are a large number of women with breast cancer who are opting for bilateral mastectomies when these women are being diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer but there is little evidence about the fact that removing both the breasts can improve their chances of survival as compared to the more conservative treatments. Even with the biggest studies it has not been proved that whether bilateral mastectomy has more survival benefits than the other breast conserving surgery along with radiation.

There are many women who prefer to remove both their breasts for treating cancer that affects just one side of their breast but double mastectomy for breast cancer does not boost survival chances. In comparison with the surgery that removes only the tumor in the breasts, Double Mastectomy is not very beneficial as it does not boost the survival rate. The results of this procedure are raising concerns about the riskier and potentially unnecessary operations that an increasing number of women are selecting for treating breast cancer. Furthermore double mastectomy is a major procedure that needs significant recovery time and it also entails breast reconstruction. It is also invasive as compared to the other surgery for breast cancer. But there are more and more women who prefer mastectomy as they think that it can minimize risk of breast cancer. There are many young women who also prefer double mastectomy even they have cancer in only one breast. These women want to minimize their risk but women who do not have family history or genetic disposition are being over treated. Double mastectomy is not routinely offered to women having breast cancer unless they have high risk of its recurrence or family history since there are many doctors who think that this surgery is not very beneficial for women with breast cancer.

Having double mastectomy is a very tough decision and therefore it is very important for every woman to get information relating to the benefits and risks of the surgery if they are having breast cancer in only one breast. This surgery is also a subject of discussion in the past few years as there are many celebrities like Sharon Osbourne, Angelina Jolie and singer Michelle Heaton who have undergone the procedure as preventive measure against breast cancer. There are many experts who have warned women having breast cancer against losing both their breast without any reason. There are a high proportion of women who opted for double mastectomy who died after few years after undergoing the procedure. This treatment is only advisable for women who have a gene variant or history of disease that makes her more likely to get the disease. There may a big risk involve in the double mastectomy procedure and hence every woman should consider all the option before opting for it. There are a large women who are not satisfied after the operation even after losing both their breasts. They may also experience difficulties with their sexual function, body image and quality of life. They may also face difficulties and complications like infections after going through double mastectomy. The women who opt for this procedure opts for are offered surveillance along with regular mammograms after this surgery. Thus it is considered as an option for women who inherited faulty genes.

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How to Decide between a Breast Lift or Implant

Are you considering having the size of your breast or size modified so that you can have a better look? If yes, this is a good decision because there are many professionals out there who can help you attain the size and shape of the breasts you desire to have. With the development of medical technologies many women have succeeded to have the breasts altered according to their specific needs. However, in order to get better results, you need to consider if you want a breast lift or implant. To know whether you need a breast implant or a lift, you need to look at what you are dissatisfied with, and then figure out the kind of breast you desire to have. This article offers you some of the things to look to decide which one is the best option for you.

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Changing the size

Breast implantation makes your breast larger. The extent of the largeness depends on your personal preferences, your body type and what you feel will be comfortable with. Thus, if you are not satisfied with the size of your breast, implants will be the best option for you. You may also not like your breast asymmetry as they look imbalanced and want them to have a symmetric look. This may be caused by weight loss which can change the shape and size of your breasts making them disproportional or smaller in size. In such cases, breast implant will be the perfect solution to attain your desired breasts.

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me after my implants

It is good to note that implants make your breasts look fuller and add size to them. This creates both cleavage and shape. However, the implants do not provide any extra support to the breasts. This means that if you having sagging breasts, they will continue to sag even after the implant. To get the best results choose the implants that are most perfect for you. You can seek assistance from a surgeon to help you get the most perfect implant for your breasts.

Sagging breasts

Having sagging breasts is one things that disappoints many women and makes them feel embarrassed. There are many factors that contribute to the sagging of breasts such as weight loss, gravity or nursing babies. If your problem is breast sagging, then a breast lift is the best option to deal with the problem. This is a process that will involve moving of your whole breast or the nipple or even both of them to a more youthful higher position. The good thing is that there are a wide range of breast lifts that can help deal with the many levels of sagging.

Sagging and small sized breasts

If you have the problem of sagging breasts and at the same time concerned with the symmetry and the size of the breasts, you can opt to have both breast lift and implant. You can have the two carried out at the same time or in two stages. If performed in one stage, you have the implantation done during the same surgery, where the lift is performed. You can also opt to have the lift on one day then the implant done after the healing process.


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South Koreans and Plastic Surgery

When people make that decision to go under the knife for plastic surgery, they hope and believe that they will come out of the operating room looking a little bit different and a lot better than they were before. However, they do not anticipate that they will attain a different image altogether that makes it hard for people to recognize them. One of the most fascinating news that has hit the world is South Koreans and Plastic Surgery.

Today, South Korea has risen to be one of the technological echelons when plastic surgery is a case in point. In fact, the mastery with which South Korea’s plastic surgeons conduct the operation is mind blowing. They are so talented that they leave their patients with no problems whatsoever.

Many people who have obtained air tickets and flown directly to South Korea to have their operations done are in most cases, transformed. Therefore, they make it hard for the officials in the passport control to recognize them when they are getting back to their countries, Kotaku reports.

According to South Korean sites Munhwa and Onboa, some hospitals have gone the whole extent of issuing out plastic surgery certificates to their patients to assist them in getting back to their homes. The sites report that these certificates include the name of the hospital that the patient received the operation, the patient’s passport number, as well as the duration of staying in South Korea.

The common theory is that these certificates help in making it easy for these patients to go through the passport control. Although some hospitals were aware of this problem for many years, they had not taken steps to rectify it. However, this issue has increased tremendously for the past few years.

In 2009, about 23 Chinese women were believed to have had some problems with the passport control on their way back to China from South Korea after going under the knife. The officials at the passport control stopped them after noting that they had slimmer chins, higher noses, and bigger eyes than the passport portraits showed, China daily reported.

After careful checks, the officials allowed the women back to China, but not after advising them to have their passports renewed immediately.

“Following our request to have them take off their big sunglasses and huge hats, we noticed that they looked different, with stitches and bandages here and there,” Tao Chen, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport officer, told China Daily.

South Korea is increasingly becoming the save haven for plastic surgery. The boom is largely associated with the rise in the country’s music industry; with many patients asking their surgeons to if, they would look like American superstars.


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Selfies And Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeons are stating that numerous individuals are presently experiencing liposuction and facelifts to look better in selfies. With a blast in the utilization and spreads of photos and features on social networking and somewhere else individuals have gotten more aware of their looks. Moreover, individuals now need to post selfies of themselves looking more youthful. Plastic Surgery is on the rise.

As indicated by the surgeons numerous individuals understand that they look more seasoned in the wake of taking a gander at their photographs in selfies and methodology the cosmetic specialist for help. They need to look like themselves however more youthful.
The selfie unrest is upon us and all around you find somebody is holding their cell phone and snapping a picture of their face, which will then expeditiously be presented on a social networking outlet—or three. This social sensation is having an astounding effect on customer conduct, as indicated by some plastic surgeons, who are attributing an uptick all hands on deck to online networking’s selfie fixation.

Systems to revise selfie flaws shift. Other than the ever-prevalent nose occupation, jaw inserts, facelifts and eyelid lifts are well known surgical results. At that point there are non-surgical fillers, for example, Botox and Juvederm, which could be infused into the skin to mellow profound folds like wrinkles and snicker lines. Contingent on the kind of infusion, a patient must rehash the strategy at regular intervals to a year to keep the same results, however shorter recuperation periods, less expensive costs and the absence of requirement for general anesthesia has helped the business develop to 9.5 million systems performed a year ago.

“We live in a young and excellence fixated society,” said Vivian Diller, an analyst who counsels for skincare organizations including Estee Lauder Cos. Inc. (Nyse:el), the Proctor & Gamble Co. (Nyse:pg) and Clairol. The solid interest has brought about the normal buyer having more alternatives for techniques that can change almost all aspects of one’s body. Notwithstanding bosom increase or decrease, there is laser liposuction, Brazilian butt lifts and smile lifts in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The individuals who exploit this are no more in the space of the rich, renowned and on-screen performers. Presently, we have standardized the accessibility of these strategies,” Diller said.
Notwithstanding whether a patient picks to go under the blade or be forced to bear a syringe, the yearning is to look “like me, simply better,” said Karen Grant, an excellence industry expert and VP of statistical surveying organization NPD Group. Most don’t need the results to shout that they had work done

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Choose The Right Doctor For Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a serious deal. If you are considering having cosmetic work done, only trust the hands of the most skilled and experienced surgeon. With so many doctors performing operations, it can be hard to determine which professionals are the best of the best. You should select someone who has years of experience and a large success rate. Most times professionals build a reputation.

Many have before-and-after pictures that display exactly how great their work is. When it comes to your body, you want only the best results. You want no complications at all and a speedy and successful recovery. You can have these things by simply choosing the right professional.

Professionals in plastic surgery have come down a long, challenging path. Many years of rigorous study are involved in becoming an expert of the human body. This is totally necessary so that patients receive the best possible results. School, residency, and all other forms of smart lipo training take lots of time and cost large sums of money. Surgeons who are invested in this long hard path are interested in one overall goal. That goal is to help other people. They want to help people to look and feel their best. Whether it is eliminating accident related deformities, or correcting natural flaws, these individuals work hard to build the looks and self-esteem of people all over the world.

If you are considering plastic surgery in atlanta, there is no need to fear. Though all operations are serious, the majority is safe and provides amazing results. The first visit is called a consultation. When you first opt to have a procedure, the surgeon will take you aside and assess all of your medical history. You will be given a medical exam and the surgeon will listen to all of your needs about your body. From there it will be determined whether or not you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure. Even if you want to improve your appearance, you should not have an operation if you know that it will risk your health or life. A caring surgeon will let you know the exact limits of your body. These professionals are not only invested in your looks, but also interested in your overall wellbeing.

For many plastic surgery procedures, incisions are made into the body. Because of this, marks will be made onto the body so that the surgeon knows exactly where to make these incisions. This will ensure that no mistakes are made. A good surgeon is careful and will determine the best route that each individual should take. Each person’s body is different and has its own unique needs.

It is good to know that plastic surgery exists. Many people want to improve their looks, but self-performed rituals just don’t work. There is so much that professionals can help to correct for good. The results of an operation can be amazing or disastrous. It all depends on who you choose to get the job done. Do your research before taking that leap.

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